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Attention Artists:  We’re always looking for new music tracks.

3 ways to send us your music. DO NOT EMAIL MUSIC TRACKS.

1. You can use our CONTACT form on this page and paste a link to a location where we can download your music directly (please do not email music files as attachments)

2. Use a transfer service like DropBox, or SYNC, which is also free. It also helps to send us a separate note if you transfer files so we’re aware they’re coming.

3. You can also send us your CD in the mail.  Please contact us for details.

Technical requirements: If you send us digital audio files, please provide mp3 files with a bit rate of 320k with a constant bit rate (not variable). It would also be helpful to provide CD cover art, any bio information and recording participants’ credits.

We’d like to recommend an artist service that provides promotion, airplay reports and other artist services that can help expand your radio exposure.  Contact Lisa Reedy at You may contact her directly at lisareedy0(zero) at gmail com or call 775-826-0755. Lisa’s Jazz Promotion service is excellent.