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3 ways to send us your music.

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Gospel Jazz

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What is Gospel Jazz?

Gospel Jazz IconThe first time I experienced Gospel Jazz over 40 years ago, I thought,  “WOW, there should be a Gospel Jazz radio station”.  After I heard an album by Nat King Cole’s arranger, Ralph Carmichael… called “SOMETIMES I JUST FEEL THIS WAY” (only on vinyl LP )… a really jazzy, swinging ensemble playing gospel songs, I was hooked.

So the journey began.  I saved every album, CD, cassette, 8-track I could find.  It took years just to save a meager collection.  Finally there was a breakthrough when groups like Seawind (1976), Messenger (Rick Riso about 1977), and the Brentwood Jazz label began releasing Gospel Jazz in the early 1990’s.

I created the first Gospel Jazz radio show in 1995 as a test.  As I played the show for demonstration purposes, the reaction was more than I could have hoped. Then, for a brief time, we broadcasted Gospel Jazz every weekend on a radio network in the Southeastern U.S.  Finally, we added Gospel Jazz on Sundays as part of the Jazz Radio Network internet radio program schedule.

There is no doubt, Gospel Jazz has arrived as an exciting genre of Christian music that is finding its audience… everywhere.

Now we are excited to take the next big step on this journey and bring you Gospel Jazz Radio, 24 hours a day.    ~Rich Germaine, President

If you listen to Gospel Jazz Radio and enjoy what you hear… we’d love to share your comments with our listeners.  You can use our contact form or send us a note on Facebook.

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